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Facial Sevices



New Client Customized | $125 

​Customized & Amplified | $110  (returning clients only)

​As a Dermalogica Expert, Melissa can customize the perfect facial for you using limitless combinations of professional products and advanced modalities and techniques such as Ultrasonic, Iontophoresis, Gua Sha, Lymphatic Drainage, Cryo Globes, and Pressure Point massage just to name a few. ​  New clients can expect an in-depth skin and skincare routine analysis to determine root causes of any skin concerns and written recommendations and tips for success.  Returning clients can expect progressively amplified treatments tailored to their skin goals and ongoing skincare routine guidance.

Pro Skin Treatments $65 w/ Candy | $75 w/ Melissa

Pro Calm (treats sensitive, red, or dry/flaking) 

Pro Clear (treats congested (texture), blackheads, whiteheads, milia, and/or acne) 

Pro Bright (treats normal, dull, and/or dark spots)

Candace is a Dermalogica Certified skin therapist who is a master of combining relaxation with effective treatments.  Enjoy a high-intensity targeted 45-min treatment with her that instantly reveals rejuvenated skin. ​

Pro Extractions | $35+

Skin softening and exfoliating double Cleanse.  Extractions facilitate by Ultrasonic technology and followed by dermal layering to facilitate calm skin and decreased inflammation.  Request additional extraction time $5-$15.  

The Ultimate Relaxation Facial | $100

I have earnestly tested, researched, and trained in techniques that will maximize relaxation. My years of experience in the treatment room allow me to read and feel what skin needs creating an atmosphere of trust, and silence.  I'm delighted to offer clients this personalized experience that starts with reviewing your top stressors so I can create a relaxation facial tailored to your needs. This includes:

  • Aromatherapy

  • Breathwork

  • Acupressure

  • Neck, Shoulder, & Scalp Massage

  • Bilateral Sound Therapy

And as always, innovative professional skincare will be selected according to your needs.

Red Light Therapy Facial | $50  (5 Facials Package $225 | 10 Facials Package $400)

An official FDA Class II Medical Device is used to provide red LED and near-infrared light (NIR) to optimize cellular function and improve overall health and wellness. Some notable skin benefits are healing active acne, reducing acne scaring, reducing signs of sun damage (hyperpigmentation, sunspots, and wrinkles); treating skin conditions such as rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis; and increases in the production of collagen for firmer-looking skin.  For best results it is recommended that a series of RLT treatments be conducted weekly (up to 3x) over a period of 6-8 weeks.

RLT can be added-on to any skin treatment.  It is used for a variety of cosmetic and medical conditions, such as tissue repair, skin conditions, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. It is safe, painless, warm and soothing, and is great for an instant mood boost! 

Dermaplaning Facial | $135 (September - May only)

Instant renewal with no downtime for dull/dry skin, hyperpigmentation (sun damage, acne scars), premature aging, and excessive vellus facial hair.  This is an advanced skincare treatment that utilizes a modified surgical scalpel to remove the top most layers of dead dull skin cells. Homecare recommendations for you unique skincare goals are also provide so that you can maximize and build upon treatment room results.  Dermaplaning is not recommended during the hot summer months and prior to hot vacations.  

Pro Power Peel | $135 (September - May only)

A chemical peel is one of the most effective ways to address skin concerns such as premature aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, and dry/dull skin.  Melissa will select the exact chemical peel formulations to stimulate skin renewal with zero down-time.  For best results, plan a series of peels every 3-4 weeks.  Peels are not recommended in summer months.​

Energy Clearing Facial | $123

The ultimate self-care session!  Want to feel lighter? Have more energy? Clear nagging stressful thoughts? AND have bright glowing skin!?  In addition to a custom 30-minute skin treatment, this service includes a chakra alignment, Access Bars treatment, and optional intuitive reading at the end.  Access bars works similar to acupressure but is focused on the head only, by holding 32 different points on the head in sequence, it stimulates deep relaxation and essentially equates to a mental reboot.​

Pro Firm Neck & Skin | $125

This is the most comprehensive facial for those concerned with premature aging and "neck neglect".  The key to this facial is a 20 minute facia massage to lift the natural contours of the face and stimulate product uptake.  It includes a fun effervescent neck fit masque that plumps and firms the delicate skin of the neck amplified by iontophoresis.​

Skin Care Consult | $50  (virtual appointments available)

Gain more confidence in your approach to skincare and self-care in general, meet with a Skincare Specialist who can analyze, educate, problem-solve, and recommend the best skincare products, treatments, and routines to achieve your skin goals.  

Facial Enhancements

Make the most of your time and skin health by adding one or more of the following enhancements to your facial.


Simply note your selections in the memo space

when you book your facial online

and we will ensure any extra time needed

is added to your appointment.

Red Light Therapy | $30

RLT is a great add-on to any skin treatment because it stimulates healing at the cellular level.  It is used for a variety of cosmetic and medical conditions, such as tissue repair, skin conditions, pain relief, and reducing inflammation. It is safe, painless, warm and soothing, and is great for an instant mood boost!

Pro Neck Flash | $30

Visibly lift, firm, and sculpt the often neglected neck of the skin of the neck and decollate using an effervescent masque designed to address the unique needs of the delicate skin in this area.


Hand Rescue Treatment | $30

It begins with a warm oil sugar scrub,  features warm towels and a deeply hydrating hand masque, and finishes with a hand and arm massage.  

Pro Eye Peel | $25

Tone, smooth and brighten the eye contour through intense stimulation and an infusion of botanical actives.

Cooling Contour Masque | $25

A firming and deeply hydrating masque that is also great for calming inflammation caused by acne and various other skin conditions.

Extra Extraction Time | $15

This is a popular enhancements to facials that do not already come with extractions or for those who require more than the 10 minutes allotted for extractions in the treatment time.

Extra Massage Time | $15

Choose from Scalp Stress Relief, Neck and Shoulders, Age Reversal, Gua Sha, Pressure Point, Lymphatic Drainage, or Facia Release.

Gua Sha Lesson | $10

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese healing technique used to improve circulation and release tension.  Your skin therapist often uses a specially designed Gua Sha stone to perform massage to maximize skin rejuvenation.  Since these stones are widely available, your skin therapist can teach you a tailored routine that can be incorporated with you skincare products at home.

Cooling Eye Lift Treatment | $10

Dermalogica's exclusive eye lift treatment was designed with a special eye massage tool that allows the skin therapist to gently lift and brighten the eye area, reduce puffiness, and minimize the appearance of finelines and wrinkles.

Energy Healing

Reiki and acupuncture are probably the most recognizable energy healing modalities today.  These techniques are examples of energy healing.  Any method that is based on the knowledge of the human energy body, and subtle energies within the physical body, falls under the umbrella of energy healing.  These alternative methods support modern-day medical treatments by brining back into balance the flow of energy through the energy body to increase a person's vitality and wellness and supporting healing on all levels - physical, emotional, and spiritual. 

Ensofic Reiki | $150

Reiki assists in the body's natural healing processes and creates greater emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.  There are many benefits to Reiki, including deep relaxation; relief from symptoms of pain, anxiety, depression, and fatigue; improved sleep; improved alignment with your highest potential; expand spiritual connection and growth; and freedom from painful patterns.


The Ensofic ray opens everything it touches to help you remember who you are, see your life and challenges from a higher perspective, and transmute blocked energetic patterns.  Your healing session includes a Circulation Massage to assist your body in clearing out the unwanted blocks to your energy and support your bodies natural healing mechanisms.  Melissa is a certified Intermediate Ensofic Reiki practitioner with the Ensofic Ray association.  For more information on this healing modality visit

For people who want to completely reset their system and create the conditions for deep healing and transformation in all aspects of their being, I offer three 60-minute private sessions for $375.

Energy Clearing | $88

Want to feel lighter? Have more energy? Do you find it difficult to quiet your mind? This service includes a chakra alignment and an Access Bars treatment.

It will help you release stress in a way that is gentle, and relaxing, and leaves you feeling renewed! This technique is similar to acupressure as it involves holding 32 specific points on the head which stimulate brain waves in such a way as to allow the client to literally “clear their mind”.

Chakra Alignment & Crystal Healing | $100

Feeling stuck?  Blocked?  Feel like your life is running you instead of you running it?  Need help with getting your mental, emotional, or physical health back on track?  After this healing you will feel more present and walk away with nsights into where you may be losing your energy due to blocks in your major energy centers.


This powerful technique includes two crystal healings that were passed down to me from an ancient oral lineage.  The Crystal Healing improves chakra balance stabilizing daily energy flow, boosting your mental and physcial health, as well as a special tailored healing to support moving through past or present challenges or one to welcome in future dreams of wholeness, joy, peace, and ease!

Cord Cutting | $150

Is there something or someone holding you back? We know it's time to move on but our thoughts and emotions keep taking us right back to that situation, grudge, trauma, person, relationship, or whatever it is that has been draining energy that you could be using to move forward. A Cord Cutting healing works at an energetic level to reclaim your power so you can move forward feeling grounded and whole again. This is not just a healing on an energetic level but also provides closure at a mental level allowing you to make space for something or someone better.


I have lived and studied the mind/body/spirit connection in a very intimate way for the last 20 years. Traditional coaching can be a cookie-cutter formulaic process; however, my intuitive abilities allow me to make each session extraordinarily personal and specific to your journey.  


You can book one or multiple sessions.  Booking sessions at regular intervals is encouraged to take advantage of the accountability and encouragement having a coach offers.

Transformational Coaching | $150

As a Certified Transformational Coach, I can help you understand the big picture and course correct your habits, mindset, and spiritual practices in a way that best aligns you for success. I help you connect with and get to know a more empowered version of yourself. This coaching is based on the Universal Truth "As within, so without". Traditional coaching can be a cookie-cutter formulaic process; however, my intuitive abilities allow me to see the big picture quickly and help you identify where small changes will have big results.

Spiritual Coaching | $150

As a Certified Transformational and Spiritual Coach, I always hold space for the highest version of you. I help you connect with and get to know that version of yourself by teaching you how to release limiting beliefs (aka "Shadow Work"), and grow your own spiritual connection and intuition. This coaching is great for people looking to heal and exploring the world of metaphysics, quantum physics, the human energy body, meditation techniques, universal laws, chakra balancing, grounding techniques and more! 

Coaching Consult | FREE

Not sure if coaching is right for you?  Set up a free 30 minute virtual consult and learn how coaching can help you.

Makeup Lessons

Virtual Makeup Consult | $50

If you are needing to gain more confidence in your approach to makeup, I am your person! I am here to help everyone, from the absolute beginner to the newly certified makeup artist. This is a great service to get advice on updating your look, trouble shooting an issue you've been having, tips for executing a new technique, or getting direction on where to start and what to buy.  Spend a half-hour with me, and I will help you out of the overwhelm.

For new makeup artists looking to start or excel at their own makeup business, I am a great resource for all things marketing, kit, and contracts!!


All consults include a follow-up email summarizing recommendations discussed.  Plus, that $50 may be put towards purchasing Dermalogica Skincare products with me (with a minimum $100 product purchase before tax).​

Build A Makeup Kit | $40/hr online | $50/hr in person

When it comes to cosmetics the choices are limitless!  Also, when it comes to advice on which products will suite you best an unbiased professional opinion is priceless.  I can also help you save money by seeing through all the tik tok hype and knowing when to go drugstore and where it makes sense to go high-end.  For those with allergies, my extensive knowledge of cosmetic ingredients can save you both time and anxiety when it comes to finding products that are safe and work for you.

Private In-Person Makeup Lesson | $100/hr

Virtual Makeup Lesson |  $90/hr​

I ask thoughtful questions to ensure that the lesson is tailored to your needs and are hands-on. First I demonstrate and give you tips as you practice building your own look.  I will share my extensive product knowledge helping you to thoughtfully edit your current makeup collection with both high-end and drugstore products (and dupes!).​

Group Makeup Lessons (in home or Sat/Sun evening at Meraki Beauty Inc.)

2 People | $90 per person | up to 2 hours

3 People | $80 per person | up to 2.5 hours

4-5 People | $70 per person | up to 3 hours

Underlash Application | $15

Let me apply your DIY 1-5 day underlash system for you.

Underlash Lesson | $30

Learn how to apply your DIY 1-5 day underlash system all by yourself.

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