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Shop for Mascara Like a Pro!

Ever have a friend recommended this fantastic mascara she found, only to be completely disappointed when you try it for yourself? You could just shrug it off. "Well, what works for one person may not work for another." Or you can stop guessing and read the rest of this article to figure out once and for all what will work for you!

Mascaras come in many different formulas and brush types. And like most cosmetics, there are some keywords to look for when selecting which is best for you.

Mascara formulas are constantly changing. Some of the time, they improve, but a lot of the time, they are new because, well, we just can't resist trying the latest and greatest! It really doesn't matter the price point; you can find amazing mascaras at any price. But the real key to seeing through all the smoke and mirrors, and shiny magic wands, is knowing your own needs.

Find your mascara wish below and see my corresponding shopping tips!

Make my sparse lashes look fuller. You should be looking for a "volumizing" formula. The type of brush that deposits the most mascara has soft bristles that are tightly packed together.

Get right to the root of my tiny lashes. The smaller the lashes, the smaller the brush should be. Look for mascaras that both "lengthen" and "add volume". And hey, who said you couldn't use two different mascaras! Combine a lengthening mascara with a volumizing mascara in two coats.

Give me longer-looking lashes or evenly coat my light-coloured lashes. Go for a lengthening mascara formula with a silicon/rubber brush. These formulas seem to cover the very tips of lashes, and the silicone brush gets you the most length by far. Don't ask me why!

Easily remove my waterproof mascara. Look for a "tube" mascara formula. These formulas form a cone around your lash with a boost of length. The best part, your mascara will not melt if it gets wet but will still be "easy to remove with warm water"! (Some mascaras have this phrase, or one similar, on the back of the package).

Stop my mascara from transferring to my eyelid. Look for a "tube" mascara (see tips above). Plus, it helps to also use an oil-controlling eyeshadow primer on your lid.

Give me a natural look (not spider-leg-looking). Look for a formula with added "conditioning"; you may find this word, or "serum", or "growth" on the label as well. A brown coloured mascara tends to look more natural than black. (And sometimes, a good spider-leg look is the drama you want! A dryer formula is the trick, so generally look for volumizing).

Now, do you want to know what my favorite mascaras are? There are quite a few for different reasons. Please head over to YouTube and subscribe to my channel and click the Notification Bell. You'll be the first to know when my Mascara Product Reviews are uploaded!!!

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